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Wonder Girls Ain’t Nobody


In fact, they are a hit in USA (they were already a hit in Asia). Thanks to the Jonas Brothers who tagged them along at their concert tours.

Wonder Girls opened for the Jonas Brothers’ concert tour with their song “Nobody”. With five beautiful Korean girls, singing and dancing, America was surely mesmerized. Continue reading ‘Wonder Girls Ain’t Nobody’


Girls Gone Wild

The South Korea’s most popular girl band, Wonder Girls, were dressed up like the Teletubbies during their 2nd fan meetingĀ  held at the Kwang Woon University auditorium today, July 26.

I am not sure whether they actually had fun wearing those outfits because their faces, although wearing smiles, seem to convey a different message (Get me out of this c__p!). They look like they were irritated by the hot, baggy, and heavy colorful suits. The girls had the hard time moving around even though they actually managed to kick and jump (on other photos not shown here).

Well, I’m sure their fans freaked out on this outrageous display of immaturity but I am also sure that their fans also got a kick over their silly outfits.

Source and Photo Credits: Newsen

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