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Hallyuwood’s Dating and Break Up


One couple are happy and the other one, are not.  That is the story in hallyuwood today. Continue reading ‘Hallyuwood’s Dating and Break Up’


My Brother Won Bin

Yeah, he does look like my brother but my brother’s lips is way redder than his. No wonder why girls come running after my younger bro.  Hmm!

Anyway, Won Bin was just released from the military months ago and was off the spotlight for about 4 years or so. The only series  I have seen him in was Autumn In My Heart (Song Hye Kyo and Song Seung-Hun) but he was in plenty of Korean dramas that I haven’t known or seen.

My Brother was his last film in 2004.

He will be filming his new film “Mother” on September this year with his co-star Kim Hye-ja.

Song Hye Kyo is Not MIA After All

The beautiful 27 year old’s current gig is to endorse cosmetics and pose as a cover girl on a magazine. She is now the new face of Laneige cosmetics in South Korea. She was in Shanghai, China on June 24th to promote her current source of income.

Anyway, she has an upcoming project (drama) with Hyun Bin (My Lovely Sam-Soon) entitled The World That They Live In. I am not particularly a Hyun Bin or Song Hye Kyo fan but it  is always good to know that both of them, who were MIA for a while, will star in a drama together.

More photos of Song Hye Kyo

Source of Photo and Info: K-Popped

Where is Song Hye Kyo?

The last time I saw her on the screen was in Hwangjini and if I am not mistaken, Ray of Sunshine was her last TV series. Aside from being rumored as Rain‘s GF, where is she now?

Obviously the photo above (courtesy of POPSEOUL) can tell you what she has been up to. I guess she would rather concentrate on photoshoots and appear on the cover of Ceci magazine.  I’m not sure about Korean showbiz-ness but it seems to me that movie and TV series would pay more than striking a pose in front of a photographer.

I am not a big fan of hers but I would prefer to see her in a TV series.

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