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Hallyuwood’s Dating and Break Up


One couple are happy and the other one, are not.  That is the story in hallyuwood today. Continue reading ‘Hallyuwood’s Dating and Break Up’


Why So Sad Lee Jun Ki?

Is it just me or or the suit? Lee Jun Ki (Il Ji Mae) looks so serious and maybe angry on this photo. Where’s the pretty LJK? You know, the feminine looking guy whose face is as smooth as Song Hye Kyo‘s.

I have never seen him so serious. I guess he had to because he was sitting and talking with the public officials in  Seoul City Hall and discussed about the upcoming Korean Wave Festival 2008 that will happen on October 23-26 in Seoul. This will be a Hallyu star-studded event.

The city of Seoul organized this event in order to attract tourists from all over the world and raise funds for the disaster planning program “ASIA AID”.

Lee Jun Ki is the ambassador of  wichok.

Source and Photo credit: Newsen

Pops In Seoul in Manila (It’s True!)

I read an article in  justineluvsuju blog earlier  stating that an Arirang writer denied that Philippines will be hosting the Pops In Seoul 100th episode. The information in that article is not true  according to Cassiopeia Philippines, who helped the promotion of this event. Check out this link Pops In Seoul not true: Rumor Clarification.

The event will be held as scheduled, July 5th at 3PM in Manila Film Center in Pasay City. Admission is absolutely FREE. However, instead Min Kyung Hoon as the guest star, they changed it to Evan of Click B and VJ Isak will still be the host. Their photos are featured on top.

To Hallyu-fied Filipinos, sorry someone tried to spoil this event for you guys but don’t worry, the show will go on. Have fun ya’ll!

Pops In Seoul in Manila


To Hallyu-fied Filipinos, here’s your chance to see some of the South Korean actors at work. They will be coming to your town (Manila Film Center) and shoot their 1000th episode of Pops In Seoul.  Everyone is invited to see the event for FREE!

VJ Isak and  and special guest Min Gyung Hoon of Buzz will be there as well.  So, grab this chance  and give yourself a treat. Bring your friends and family to add more fun. Who knows, you might see yourself and them in Arirang.

Source of info and photo: Cassiopeia Philippines

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