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Charice on Maalaala Mo Kaya

Most real life stories are told, wrote about, or made a movie of are stories of people who have left major impacts on other people’s lives. These are the people who have achieved something great and worthy of recognition or just simply because they made stories that are worth telling and selling. However, most of the subjects of real life stories are either old or dead. Charice is neither one of those (thank God!) but her life story will be told on Maalala Mo Kaya (Will You Remember), a renowned TV drama anthology in the Philippines that has been around for 17 years.

Can you imagine, the show was born a year before Charice was and now they are telling her story to the whole world (mind as well say it)?  Remarkable! Charice is.

I know  bits and pieces of Charice‘s story but I am still anxious to know the whole 16 years of her bittersweet life. Unfortunately for me I don’t have TFC nor cable, I am just going wait for someone to post the video on Youtube and learn more of her life story on MMK.

Oh by the way, if I am not mistaken Charice will play herself. Gosh! Now I wish I am in the Philippines.

Source and Photo Credit: Charicemania,, and Chasters League


Ugly Betty La Fea

Philippine television has done it again; produced another teleseries copied from adapted from foreign television. I Love Betty La Fea is the new comedy series recently aired on ABS-CBN network starring Bea Alonzo as Betty.

According to, it took 2 hours to transform Bea Alonzo to  a geeky and ugly look of  Betty. DUH! Why did they pick a pretty girl in the first place?

There’s a reason why the beautiful Bea Alonzo was picked for the role. Just knowing that undeneath Betty’s face is a lovely young lady will trick will inspire the viewers to watch the show. For the people who are not aware of the plot may think that Betty may somehow transform into a beautiful face of  Bea Alonzo (you know, the female version of the The Frog Prince). I am sorry to disappoint you guys.

Before ABS-CBN copied adapted the series from the Colombian Telenovela Yo Soy Betty La FeaABC (American Broadcasting Company, aka Disney) launched their version first in 2006 entitled Ugly Betty. It was a big hit and is still is. A fresh face America Ferrera starred the series as Betty Suarez. She is not as pretty as Bea Alonzo but she certainly carried the role well. Hopefully Bea Alonzo will be able to match if not surpass  America Ferrera‘s Betty charisma.

I don’t know how long  it took to transform America Ferrera ‘s face to Betty Suarez but I am pretty sure it didn’t take as long as Bea Alonzo’s transformation to Betty La Fea .








 Here’s the trailer of the Philippine version of Betty La Fea.

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