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Manny Pacquiao is America’s 2008 Fighter of the Year

manny-pacquiaoFilipino boxing hero Manny Pacquiao has once again been voted as “Fighter of the Year” for 2008 while his celebrated trainer Fredde Roach was voted “Trainer of the Year” by the prestigious Boxing Writers Association of America (BWAA).
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Olympic Eclipse: Good Sign For Chinese

The black flag of Japan?

Chinese observed the first total solar eclipse of the century last Friday (August 1), a week before the Olympics kickoff, hence named it the “Olympic Eclipse“.

Chinese people believed that this is a good sign from nature after experiencing bad welcome of year 2008 (earthquake, strikes, Tibet protests), the Olympic year.  Chinese people believed that the solar eclipse will bring them luck.

Chinese culture has been a great believer of superstitions and this natural phenomenon has lifted the spirits of China. It is good to know that China will begin the Olympics with a cheer and looking forward to a brighter year. I can only hope that it is not the opposite to what they believed the solar eclipse will bring to them during the Olympics and the rest of the year.Oops! they already thought of the opposite, solar eclipse really means a bad omen for Chinese.

Good luck to the athletes of all nation.

Source and Photo Credit: AT&T News

PacMan Made History!

Filipinos are celebrating despite the recent tragedy in the Philippines. Do you know why? Pacquiao won!

Manny Pacquiao beat David Diaz by TKO in the 9th round to grab the WBC Lightweight Champion title. He made boxing history and Filipinos proud-er.

Diaz had trouble keeping up with Pacquiao’s speed and lethal punches. Diaz admitted Pacquiao was tougher than he expected. (DUH!)  Diaz kissed the canvass plus his right eye was oozing with blood, not to mention the numerous cuts on his face. The 2 boxers’ once white trunks transformed into pink courtesy of Diaz blood.

Manny Pacquiao proved to be the best pound for pound boxer in the world and the rightful owner of 4 WBC World Championship Titles in 4 different weight divisions, a record in Asia.

Pacquiao dedicated his win to the victims of Typhoon Fengshen/Frank which recently hit the Philippines and claimed hundreds of lives. He also sent aid to the victims even before his fight.

Lubos akong naaawa sa mga biktima ng trahedya na dulot ng bagyong “Frank” at nagbigay na ako ng mga instructions sa aking staff sa Pilipinas na tumulong sa ano mang paraan upang makapagbigay ng kahit na panandaliang ginhawa at lunas sa mga pamilya ng mga sinalanta ng bagyo.

Alam kong iyong iba ay wala pang kuryente sa mga sandaling ito pero nais nilang mapanood ang aking laban. Ito lang po ang aking masasabi: Para sa inyong lahat ang laban na ito.


I am deeply sorry for the victims of catastrophe caused by Typhoon Frank. I have already given instructions to my staff in the Philippines to help in any way they can in order to provide immediate relief to the families who were struck by typhoon.

I know some of you have no power at this moment but wished to watch my fight. This is my message to you: This fight is for all of you.

Regardless of the pain that Filipinos went through, Pacquiao managed to bring joy, smile, and sense of pride to the mourning Filipinos. No wonder he was considered as a Philippine hero.

Way to go PACMAN!

Photo Credits: Associated Press, HBO PPV, and  ESPN

Tonight is Boxing Night

A few hours from now, Lethal Combination main event Pacquiao vs.Diaz showdown will kickoff tonight at 8:30 PM ET  on HBO Pay Per View ($49.95). Filipinos all over the world, who can afford the price,  will be tuning in to their television and watch Filipino Boxing Legend to beat up or to be beaten up. Hopefully it will not be the latter.

GMA7 will air the fight in the Philippines on Sunday morning at 8:30 AM (delayed telecast). Yes, it’s FREE TV down there. People have to get up early and finish up their morning chores earlier than usual to watch the Philippine Boxing Hero make history.

Good Luck PACMAN!



Photo Source: LA Times

Will Pacquiao Conquer Diaz?

Two lethal fists will clash next Saturday, June 28th, at the Mandalay Bay Resort, Las Vegas. Manny Pacquiao, one of the most exciting boxers in the world and the reigning WBC Super Featherweight Champion, will try to make history in boxing. He is challenging the current WBC Lightweight Champion, David Diaz, an American of Mexican decent who is as lethal as Pacquiao. If Pacquiao wins, he will grab his 4th WBC belt in four different weight classes. No one has ever done that before.

Will Pacquiao succeed in his quest to make history? He already has. He will just add another chapter in his book granting he will win this fight.

The fight LETHAL COMBINATION will be shown on HBO Pay-Per-View for only $49.99. Gosh! It’s not that I can’t afford it, I am just afraid to lose it ($). Yeah, I’m that stingy.

Ahhh! I miss the free TV in the Philippines. GMA 7 will deliver the fight to lucky Filipinos who can just sit back and relax  while watching a free boxing fight bombarded with TV commercials. Huh! Who cares, it’s free.

As for me, I am just going to wait for the news the next day and watch the video in Youtube later on.


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