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Inmates Giving Tribute To The Late Michael Jackson


The passing of a legend has affected millions of  people in different parts of the world. Mourning was expressed in several ways; visiting Michael Jackson’s old home in Indiana, showering his Hollywood Walk of Fame star, downloading his songs, watching his old music television, and more. Continue reading ‘Inmates Giving Tribute To The Late Michael Jackson’


Olympic Eclipse: Good Sign For Chinese

The black flag of Japan?

Chinese observed the first total solar eclipse of the century last Friday (August 1), a week before the Olympics kickoff, hence named it the “Olympic Eclipse“.

Chinese people believed that this is a good sign from nature after experiencing bad welcome of year 2008 (earthquake, strikes, Tibet protests), the Olympic year.  Chinese people believed that the solar eclipse will bring them luck.

Chinese culture has been a great believer of superstitions and this natural phenomenon has lifted the spirits of China. It is good to know that China will begin the Olympics with a cheer and looking forward to a brighter year. I can only hope that it is not the opposite to what they believed the solar eclipse will bring to them during the Olympics and the rest of the year.Oops! they already thought of the opposite, solar eclipse really means a bad omen for Chinese.

Good luck to the athletes of all nation.

Source and Photo Credit: AT&T News

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