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Dara: I Made A Mess!


Uh-oh! There goes their trophy! Continue reading ‘Dara: I Made A Mess!’


ABS-CBN News Online Not On Web Right Now

The is one of my favorite sources of Filipino entertainment and news. When I checked it earlier, the site was no longer available. I don’t think the Kapamilya can’t afford  to pay a website domain and hosting, I think someone just forgot to renew and pay their dues.  According to ABS-CBN they are experiencing minor technical difficulties on their news site, that’s contrary to the Network Solutions’ page message (highlighted in red).

I hope you guys will fix whatever it is the problem you are experiencing with  your news site.

Actually, I just found out that ABS-CBN has a new and better entertainment website and it is called ABS-CBN 5. The site is really cool. I may visit there more often.

SBS Korea Angered China

SBS or Seoul Broadcasting System has violated Beijing Olympic confidentiality agreement yesterday by showing a footage of the Olympic Opening Ceremony rehearsal. The video was immediately deleted but it was too late then.  The world has seen the opening spoiler already.  The video is circulating all over internet and even Good Morning America, a show here in US,  has shown the footage courtesy of SBS.

What a moron!

Chinese Government are very strick when it comes to media. They are very careful of what to show to the public eye and for SBS to violate the signed agreement not only to the Olympic committee but also to the Chinese Government, I do not know what will become of them.

The question right now is: Will SBS be allowed to cover the Olympics (the real, not rehearsal) at all or will they just sit in their desk on Seoul and suck their thumbs?

Jeopardy Contestants: Can’t Get The Spelling Right

Jeopardy is perhaps the longest running quiz show in America. I watch the show pretty much every day. If I can correctly answer at least 10 or more questions in one episode, I feel like I am a genius.  Although I like the show, I never dreamed of auditioning for it (I don’t stand a chance).

Last Wednesday’s episode (July 16) was my bad night because I only managed to correctly answer less than 10 questions. However, my bad night of Jeopardy was not the reason why the topic made into my blog. It was the Final Jeopardy Round question. Read  the Final round question below. [Yeah, I definitely shouted out the correct answer before Alex Trebek could even read the entire question (as if Alex could hear me)].

I hope you answered it right too. Yes, the answer is the Philippines and two of the three contestants got it right.

 No big deal?……… Well, it was for me.

 As soon as I saw the written [correct] answers of Gail and Caitlin, my 2 previous blogs I posted earlier about the Miss Philippines Sash Typo on Miss Universe 2008   came flashing before my eyes.

Yes folks, both the contestants who got the [correct] answer have misspelled Philippines, just like in Miss Universe 2008 (PHILLIPPINES). The funny thing is Jeopardy  accepted the answer as if they (judges)  themselves did not know how to spell the name of the country P-H-I-L-I-P-P-I-N-E-S.

(As far as I can recall) In Jeopardy , if you mispronounce or misspell an answer even if it is correct, your answer is deemed wrong. So tell me why is it okay this time?

Beats me, I’m still wondering.

Check the contestants’ [misspelled] answers below. 

 Photo Snapped from: J! Archive

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