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New Members of Korean Military?

Left, Left, Left, Right, Left!

Naah! Just a couple of women showing off their pretty and skinny legs. These two girls look like they are marching with a style. Park Shi-Yeon(left) and Gong Hyo-Jin (right) seem to have an agreement on what to wear and how to walk in the premiere of their movie Dajjimawa Lee: The Orient Espionage(다찌마와 리) yesterday (August 6).

Gong Hyo-Jin’s (Thank You) real life sweetheart, Ryu Seung-beom (Rays of Sunshine), are together in this movie. Ryu’s brother, Ryu Seung-wan, is the director of this spy film (photo below).

Source and Photo Credit: My Daily


Mercedes Cabral: Who is She?

Mercedes Cabral, the new face of Philippine showbiz who won the online voting “The Most Beautiful Actress” who walked the red carpet of the recently concluded 61st Cannes Film Festival. She has the typical Filipina [exotic] beauty that captured every foreign eyes.

Korean director Park Chan-wook, responsible for the ever famous and riveting The Vengeance Trilogy (2002 Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance, 2003 Oldboy, and 2005 Sympathy for Lady Vengeance ), casted Mercedes Cabral on his new film Thirst. Mercedes will “play as a Filipina of wife of  a Korean national who is passionate about their love affair” (Starmometer).

Mercedes Cabral was introduced in the film “Serbis” (At Your Service) in 2008. The film was nominated for Golden Palm Award in the 61st Cannes Film Festival (the reason why she was on that red carpet). Although the movie was internationally recognized, it was not received well by the Filipino audience.

I haven’t seen the movie myself but peeking at the trailer below makes me want to watch it.

I have seen two of Park Chan-wook’s trilogy (Old Boy and Lady Vengeance) and they were rather intriguing and yet interesting and was masterfully done. The Serbis trailer kind of remind me of Park’s films, hence, I  will not mind watching it [Serbis].

For Mercedes Cabral, congratulations on your debut in both Philippine and Korean films. Hopefully everything will go well. I have yet to see your talent, I am pretty sure I will not be disappointed.

Photo credits: Lightroom

Info Source: Starmometer

Samuel L. Jackson Picked Old Boy

Hollywood big name Samuel L. Jackson was asked by  the Entertainment Weekly Magazine June-July 2008 issue to list his favorite “new classics”. He listed his top 10 favorite “New Classic Asian Films” and he picked Old Boy as his number one.

I read this particular issue at an express lube yesterday. I had my car oil changed and my husband was with me then. While at the waiting area, the magazine caught my attention, therefore, I grabbed it and started flipping the pages over until I ran into this particular article. I showed it to my husband, who does not have a desire to watch any Korean movie, and told him that I have the Old Boy DVD sitting at home. To cut the story short, I convinced my better half to watch the movie with me just because Samuel Jackson said so. 🙂

Old Boy is an interesting film. I clasped my mouth and held my my breath when I found out almost at the end what was really going on. It was rather intriguing and unpredictable. Very good acting and amazing plot. The screenplay was kind of similar to Pulp Fiction with the exception of dizzy brain and blurred vision. No wonder why Mr. Jackson picked this film as his number one; no wonder why my husband was impressed with this movie as well.

Below are Samuel L. Jackson’s Top 10 Favorite “New Classic Asian Films”

1. Oldboy (South Korea, 2003)
2. Audition (Japan, 1999)
3. City on Fire (Hong Kong, 1987)
4. Infernal Affairs Trilogy (Hong Kong, 2002-2003)
5. Ong-Bak: The Thai Warrior (2003)
6. Azumi (Japan, 2003)
7. Family (Japan, 2001)
8. Duelist (South Korea, 2005)
9. Hard Boiled (Hong Kong, 1992)
10. Hero (China, 2002)

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