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Lee Byung-hun Brings The GI Joe Rise of Cobra Cast to Seoul

GI Joe

The cast of GI Joe Rise of Cobra invaded Seoul, South Korea for  press conference and other promotional activities. The director, Stephen Sommers of the Mummy, producer Lorenzo di Bonaventure, the casts: Channing Tatum, Sienna Miller, and South Korea’s heart throb Lee Byung-hun were there in Shilla Hotel to meet the Korean press. Continue reading ‘Lee Byung-hun Brings The GI Joe Rise of Cobra Cast to Seoul’


The Legend Couple Will Be Real Couple

Park Seon Wung and Shin Eun Jeong of the saeguk Tae Wang Sa Shin Gi (The Legend) will say their “I Dos” on October 18th of this year.

The couple fell in love during the filming of The Legend and they are happy to spend the rest of their lives together with the blessing of their friends and family.  Their co-stars of the saeguk The Legend will be at their wedding such as the lead actor Bae Yong Joon, Lee Ji Ah, and Yoon Tae Yeong.

The engaged couple will cast in the new MBC series East Eden this August.

Congratulations to you both!

Source and Photo Credit: Newsen

Jo Hyun-Jae Goes To Army

I am currently watching Seo Dong Yo or also known as The Ballad of Seo Dong. Jo Hyun-Jae stars in this beautiful 2005 sageuk (historical drama) and I am really hook on it. I am still watching the first volume and I can’t wait to jump unto the next.

When I saw his shaven head I know immediately that he is going to fulfill his duty as a citizen of South Korea, even before I read the story. He will serve the South Korean military. He will be in training for 5 weeks before he can start his 2 years in the military.

Jo Hyun-Jae‘s latest drama is Three Dads, One Mom. His co-star in this drama Jae Hee will also be serving the military the same time as him. That’s good to know that he will not feel alone.

See you in 2 years guys!

Source and Photo: Newsen

Yoon Eun Hye is Vivian’s New Girl

The ‘”almost” MIA Coffee Prince beauty, Yoon Eun Hye, is now the image of Vivian lingerie line. She replaced Kim A-jong (200 Pounds Beauty), the previous CF model and product endorser of Vivian.

Yoon Eun Hye has a one year deal with Vivian and her lingerie ads are set to launch in the Spring of 2009.

I am so glad to see her being active again and doing a new project but, I and the rest of Yoon Eun Hye fans will be more excited if she will star again in a drama or movie this year. Unfortunately, it will not happen. If she does announce that she will have a soap or movie project this year, then it will be shown by next year. Gosh! Let’s just cross our fingers people.

Source and Photo Credits: Hankooki

Rain Interview in Comic-Con

Rain and his Ninja Assassins co-stars were at the Comic-Con last Thursday  (July 24th) to promote their movie, sign autographs,  and answer questions. Rain was interviewed by two reporters  in English and he had  a hard time answering them.  Rain‘s comprehension of the questions and the ability to speak another language was the object of ridicule in POPSEOUL site.

Rain indeed messed up on his English and his answers were way off the questions but despite the language difficulty, Rain managed to wear a smile at all times even on the question that made him uncomfortable (How does a Ninja perform sex with his girlfriend?). Below are the videos of his interview.

For people who can understand and speak English well might find Rain‘s answers funny, but that doesn’t give people the right to make fun of the person who tried hard to speak another language. There is a difference between intelligence and arrogance,  there is also a similarity between  arrogance and ignorance.

A person of intelligence does not make fun of someone who cannot speak a foreign  language well, instead, this person understands and appreciates the fact that someone is trying to learn and speak the language other than his/her own.

An arrogant person thinks he/she knows it all  and can make fun of someone else’s ability to speak another language ( ex. English). These people are also known as IGNORANTS, like  POPSEOUL and whoever agreed with her. Just because POPSEOUL can scribble some English words and maybe can carry out an English conversation (???), she thinks she is high and mighty in grammar and Merriam-Webster dictionary.

In America, if you try to speak English no matter how wrong it is, you are appreciated. In Korea, if foreigners try to speak Korean, they are appreciated no matter how much they messed it up. If a Korean hears another Korean speaks English, the “another” Korean will be the center of criticism.  JEALOUSY. I guess that’s how POPSEOUL and whoever agreed with her feels about Rain.

I am not Rain fan or member of clouds, I am just a person who happens to be bilingual  and who is simply sick of ARROGANT AND IGNORANT people bashing an individual who put an effort in learning to understand, read, and speak another language , specifically English.

Yes Dear, I am Eve.

Left guy: Did you see my mirror sweetie? Right guy: You sure need one hon.

Why would you pay bucks to transform into a woman? I don’t know I am already a woman, ask the Korean male performers especially the boy bands (e.g. SHINee), they prefer to look like one. There are also handful of Korean actors who would rather look like a miss than a mister e.g. Bae Yong Joon and Lee Jun Ki.

BYJ: I am prettier than you LJK: No, I’m way prettier than you

Shut up BYJ and LJK, we (SHINee) are the prettiest!

Well I guess the feminine look is a click in Korea. The fans seem to love the way their Ms. Mr. Idol looks.

By the way, the boy band SHINee were dressed up like high school girls for the Mnet’s School of Rock Summer Special held last July 24th.

Photo Credits: Newsen and Internet

Summer Vacation With Rain: The Fan Meeting

The dancing and singing Rain is back! No more cut flesh nor buckets of blood. Rain is back in South Korea with his fans after a year of leaving them dry.

The Summer Vacation with Rain Fan meeting was supposedly intended for Rain‘s local fans, but instead, 1500 of the 3000 fans who showed up came from other Asian countries namely: Japan, China, and Hong Kong. The fan meeting was held in Seoul Olympic Park today (July 27) at 3 PM.

The sexy, energetic Rain is really back!

Source and Photo Credits: Newsen

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