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Former President Cory Aquino: Rest In Peace


Former President of the Philippines, Corazon Aquino, passed away Saturday morning (August 1, 2009) at the age of 76. She was fighting a colon cancer for over a year and lost that battle around 3:18 am.

President Aquino was the wife of the late  Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino who was assassinated in 1983 which triggered the first Philippine People Power in 1986 led by none other than Mrs. Aquino and ousted the former dictator Ferdinand Marcos. She was proclaimed as the President of the Philippines by people power. Continue reading ‘Former President Cory Aquino: Rest In Peace’


Farewell “Daboy”

The Philippine Action Prince, Rudy Fernandez, also known as “Daboy” in the big screen, passed away Saturday  June 7, 2008, after more than 2 years of battling his ampullary cancer.

He was survived by his wife, Lorna Tolentino, and his 2 sons. He was 56.

Fernandez’s remains lie in state at the Heritage Park in Taguig City. Interment will also be at Heritage Park on Thursday. The wake is open to the public.

My deepest sympathy to Fernandez Family. May he rest in peace.

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