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Cruisin’ Makes Your Savings Rollin’

Folks around the world were greatly affected by the soaring gas prices, especially the people in the  third world countries.  Take Philippines for example; jeepney drivers in Manila had to sleep in their own jeepney just to make sure that at the break of dawn they will be the first in line to pick up passengers and fill the seat of  their source of income. Jeepney (picture above)  is the  widely used public transportation in the Philippines, you will find them in every island of the archipelago.

Jeepney is a good ride except when you are packed like sardines inside the vehicle (one way for drivers to cash in more money in one trip). Most of the jeepneys,if not all,  have reconditioned engines or have refurbished parts, therefore it is definitely not equipped with high tech gadgets; not even the had-been-around-for-ages-technology called  cruise control.  It makes sense though because jeepneys make frequent stops, therefore cruising will be a useless option. Aside from that, streets and highways especially in Manila are just flat out congested ( maybe almost the same as or as worse as New York City traffic).

Too bad.

Cruise control is the best technology  man ever invented. It can save you gas and of course money. Using cruise control can save you and me around 25 to 30 percent of gasoline consumption.  Do you know what 25%-30% means to me? It means $90- $100 savings a month.

I refused to use cruise control in the past because I thought it was useless and dangerous (cowardice) but since I used it on my last trip to the beach and saw how much gas I saved, I am now a fan of cruise control.

Driving  on cruise is such a relaxing thing. I don’t have to worry about cops or troopers clocking me in because I stay on one speed (yeah, the speed limit) and I don’t have to strain my [lead] foot from stepping on that tempting accelerator.

Yeah, driving on cruise control is the great alternative for people like me who can’t afford a hybrid vehicle [yet]. However, there’s only one thing to remember when your cruisin’: stay on the slow lane or else people will be honkin’.

Note: Most US states only allow driving on cruise on the highway.
In the Philippines, I am not aware of any rules on cruise control (if there is any).

Soju: An Official American Word

Yes folks, soju is no longer just a liquor in South Korea but a word in Merriam-Webster’s dictionary. The dictionary gave its definition as ” a Korean vodka distilled from rice”.

I am not a drinker but I certainly want to try some just to satisfy my curiosity. However, the price of soju in America is $15 per bottle. That’s too much! I am not ready to shell out some dough just to spit the liquid out once it touches my tongue. [I can’t stand alcohol].

I think the Korean dramas had something to do with soju breakthrough (if you consider it as one). This liquor perhaps appeared in every Korean dramas that I have seen, therefore, I must assume that this is indeed the showcased liquor in every Korean dramas ( I have seen, haven’t seen, or fixing to be seen).

Anyway, congratulations soju! You outdid Rain and Se7en.

Source: Associated Press

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