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The Legend Couple Will Be Real Couple

Park Seon Wung and Shin Eun Jeong of the saeguk Tae Wang Sa Shin Gi (The Legend) will say their “I Dos” on October 18th of this year.

The couple fell in love during the filming of The Legend and they are happy to spend the rest of their lives together with the blessing of their friends and family.  Their co-stars of the saeguk The Legend will be at their wedding such as the lead actor Bae Yong Joon, Lee Ji Ah, and Yoon Tae Yeong.

The engaged couple will cast in the new MBC series East Eden this August.

Congratulations to you both!

Source and Photo Credit: Newsen


Kwon and Son Can’t Take The Pressure

Aaah! So much for the wedding bliss. Oops! There’s not even a wedding yet and Kwon Sang Woo and Son Tae Young declared they had enough of this unforgiving media frenzy over their upcoming marriage vows.

The anti-KSW-wedding a.k.a jealous imaginary girlfriends (JIGF) have pointed out their objections towards the bride-to-be. She was deemed by the JIGF as a trash and a whore player because she was linked to a number of male celebrities before she ended up with KSW. JIGFs decided that Son Tae Young is not appropriate for hottie Kwon Sang Woo. Oh my god, these people are acting like KSW‘s parents in a drama, a plot so common in a  Korean soap opera.

KSW of course defended his fiancee and demanded to leave her alone and let her be. That proves how much KSW loves STY; accepting her past and putting it all behind. Son Tae Young was greatly affected by the negative reports but Kwon Sang Woo suffered even more than her. That’s what love is, you carry twice the burden of your love one.

Perhaps KSW‘s JIGFs couldn’t take the bloody truth that he is a man in love and a man in need of happiness.  Pehaps, the media just want to break them up before their marriage even starts. Perhaps they have nothing to do in life but ruin other people’s lives and sleep like a baby after doing such act.

Come on people, let them be for once. Wish them luck and happiness!

Source and Phot Credits: Newsen

Kwon Sang Woo Will Forever Be Unavailable

On the press conference today (July 18) at the Seoul Plaza Hotel, Kwon Sang Woo confirmed that he will tie the knot with the actress fiancee Son Tae Young. The wedding nuptials is set to happen on September 28 this year.

Oh my gosh! I can’t decide whether this is a good news or bad. Well, I guess it depends on the recipient of this big news.

If you are Kwong Sang Woo’s friends, family, or fiancee, this is definitely  a good news. However, if you happen to be Kwon Sang Woo’s imaginary girlfriend, PLEASE, do not commit suicide.

It is indeed time for the hottie actor to settle down. Kwon Sang Woo  is on the height of settle-down-age (32) and he appeared to have picked a very good match, Son Tae Young.

KSW Statement quoted from Soompi site:


KSW states, “My father passed away 6 months after I was born.  Thus, I have always been thinking about raising a family where I could provide a resting place for the mind of my beloved ones.  My dream is to meet the person I want to marry and I won’t regret to give all my love to her.”  He says that their family members get along well and Son Tae Young has been bringing lots of laughter to his family. He states, “I will always love her.”  He states that he and STY will continue their entertainment careers after they get married.


Congratulations to the engaged and soon to be Mr. and Mrs. Kwon Sang Woo. (Oops! I forgot, Korean women do not take their husbands’ name). Anyway, congratulations to you both.


Source: Soompi

Picture credits: Internet and  wherever Soompi got it from

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