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Seon Na Ri is Miss Korea 2008

The Miss Korea 2008 has concluded just hours ago and Miss Seon Na Ri of Seoul grabbed the coveted crown of the night in Sejong Center.

The former Miss Korea 2007 Lee Ji Sun bequeathed her crown and title to the controversial winner (for reasons I do not know) in the photo below. Some say she looks average and some say she does not deserve the title. Nevertheless, she holds the crown and Korean people mind as well suck it up.

The Miss Korea 2008 and her runner ups flashed  huge and beautiful smiles in front of the photographers for getting the crown and a place among the 51 contestants.

Congratulations to all the winners and contestants of Miss Korea 2008!

Source and Photo Credit: My Daily


Miss Korea 2008

The 51 Miss Korea 2008 contestants showed off their dancing skills in shorts and high high heels with matching pink cowgirl hats in Seoul Hyatt Hotel for the Hanbok Fashion Show and Cultural Performance on August 1st.

Okay, there is nothing Korean about these outfits. Yep, because this is just the sexy dance time. The real Hanbok Fashion photos are below:

Actor Go Joo-Woon and Miss Korea 2007 Lee Ji-Sun

Miss Korea 2008 Contestants in Hanbok dresses

The Entourage

The final selection of Miss Korea 2008 will be held in Seoul Sejong Center on August 6, 2008.

Good luck to you guys!

Source: Hankooki

Photo Credits: Hankooki and Newsen

Ms. Philippines’ Sash “Typo” Corrected

I really thought Jennifer Barrientos wore that misspelled Philippines (PHILLIPINES) sash only once at their dinner party on my previous entry but nah! She even wore it on the picture above. It took the Miss Universe organizers three days to correct the error (so that explains it). The Miss Universe organizers admitted fault and rectified the situation instantly (3 days is instant, whatever!) and further explained that this was not the first time that it happened. They have misspelled other countries’ name on official pageant  sashes in the past causing an “ill feeling” for some.

Then you need to hire a new sash maker!

From now until the night of Miss Universe Pageant (July 13), Jennifer Barrientos should be wearing the corrected sash. Yeepee!?

Go Miss Philippines! Go Asian candidates! I am rooting for ya’ll!

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Source: ABS-CBN Beta

Ms. Philippines’ Sash Misspelled

Although we can’t really see the complete word on her sash, we know that it would look like this  “PHILLIPPINES” if the –PINES is right. For all we know it might be –PINNES, –PENS, –PENNS, or –PENIS. Darn! Whoever made the sash should know better than that. I understand that everyone makes errors (typo) but what I don’t understand is, why did Jennifer Barrientos (Miss Philippines) accepted it and proudly wore it knowing that the spelling was wrong (or did she?). Hmmm… if it was me, I will demand correction immediately! (Like I would even qualify for the Miss Philippines audition).

Hopefully everything will be straightened out before the pageant. It will be embarassing for both the pageant and the Philippines if Jennifer Barrientos continues to wear that mispelled sash at the night of  the main event.

Miss Universe 2008 will happen in Vietnam. The pageant will be held in Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa on July 13, 2008 and it will be aired on NBC at 9-11 PM ET. ABS-CBN will broadcast the pageant in the Philippines live via satellite.

Source: ABS-CBN Beta

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