WonderGirls Nobody Dance Move Tutorial


How would you like to learn the Nobody dance move? Do you want to learn it from me or from Ye-Eun of Wondergirls? Hmmm, I believe you will choose the latter. Trust me. 😛

Well, the audience at the Madison Square Garden were lucky enough to get the dance move tutorial from the Wondergirls themselves.

Wondergirls are the opening act of Jonas Brothers’ concert tours and the latter sure did not regret tagging along the pretty girls in shiny beaded dresses with them.

Check the video below if you want to learn the Nobody dance moves.

Video by: wondergirls


3 Responses to “WonderGirls Nobody Dance Move Tutorial”

  1. 1 teryy July 26, 2009 at 3:12 pm

    Hahahaa, they are cute.

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