Charice The Typhoon, Charice The Hurricane

tilas2Charice can bring down a house wherever she performs. From the Pacific Ocean to Atlantic Ocean, Charice has the power and magnitude to blow any rooftop off, hence, she is a typhoon (Pacific) and she is  a hurricane (Atlantic). 

Just hours ago Charice has once again conquered an  audience in the other side of the world, the people of the  Mediterranean Sea.

Charice invaded Italy’s major TV network Rai Uno and is the guest of honor of their popular talent show TI LASCIO UNA CANZONE. Charice received standing ovations on each of her performances. She sang four songs namely: I  Will Always Love You, I Have Nothing (with 2 other talents, Sonia Mosca and Sara Pischedda), The Prayer (with Gianluca Ginoble), and Listen.  Due to the public demand, she did an encore of Listen.

Charice mesmerized the crowd and the judges of TI LASCIO UNA CANZONE.  Watch the videos below and see it for yourself.

Charice Talento Incredible (An interview)

by: allegrorigoletto

I Will Always Love You

by: leonardoeisuoivideo

I have Nothing with Sonia Mosca and Sara Pischedda

by: ChannelIV

The Prayer with Gianluca Ginoble

by: ChannelIV


by: ChannelIV

Listen Encore (Finale)

by: ChannelIV


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