Dancing is In for Commercial Films

Dancing CF models such as Kim Tae Hee, seems to be a hit in South Korea. According to recent studies,  commercial films (CF) with models dancing seems to lift spirits and help people forget the economic crisis that the world is experiencing these days.

So a few shake here and few twist there can actually catch the viewers eyes and be mesmerized for a brief moment and forget the woes in life (?). Hmm… I may agree on this one because there is a liquor commercial here in US  that i just can’t help but stop whatever it is I am doing just to watch it. I can’t remember the liquor brand but I remember how it went. The bartender at the disco was twisting mint leaves into the glass and everyone was shaking their booties according to the direction  of the twist the bartender was doing. When the the bartender stopped twisting the mint leaves, the music stopped and everyone stopped dancing. When the bartender did the twisting again, well you guess what happened. Yeah, everyone was shaking their thing again. Trust me, it was mesmerizing.

I guess that is why you see a lot of dancing and shaking in CFs these days because people will pay attention. I am not sure if they will pay attention to the brand but I am pretty sure they will pay attention to whoever is dancing and shaking.

Cho Sung Hoon: Waa! I dropped all my milk, I couldn’t take my eyes off of that dancing chick in pink sneakers.

UPDATE: I found it! I found the video and it was Bacardi Mojito. Check it out!

Source and Photo Credit: My Daily


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