Ryan Agoncillo To Host Pinoy Fear Factor

Ryan Agoncillo, the other half-to-be of Judy Ann Santos, will host the Filipino version of the  grossiest show I have ever seen, Fear Factor. Although  I said the show was gross I couldn’t help but watch it (back when it was shown on local TV).  Since they added Extreme to Fear Factor and removed it from the local network,  haven’t seen a single episode of it.

I like the stunt challenges but I usually close my eyes when people had to swallow a Madagascar hissing cockroach, transfer slimy earthworms from one bowl to another, eat animal penises, or lay down in a hole filled with thousands of rats. Gosh! I told my self, I will not risk my life  for $50,000.  That amount will not cover my hospital bills if I get an allergic reaction or any kind of infections after swallowing those nasty stuff or the nervous breakdown that I get after dealing with the vicious rodents. I would rather jump on a 30 storey building than deal with those critters. But then again, I was just a viewer so no harm done.

I couldn’t believe Filipinos are up for this challenge but If 2 million Pesos cash and 2.5 million pesos worth of house and lot are at stakes ($40K-$50 K), it will not surprise me if the line on the audition was from Manila to Baguio.

The show will be taped in Argentina and the twelve contestants were already chosen. Six men and six women are ready to face their fears. The challenges were not mentioned but Agoncillo promised that it will be tough ones.  The contestants’ description were revealed but not their names.

They are:

1. The Basketball Hunk – a man who stopped being a hard court warrior of frustration; has fear of heights (batophobia)

2. The Lover Boy – a man who almost lost his life for  being a womanizer; has fear of grossy food

3. Struggling Tondo Dad – a market porter who will do everything to provide for his family; has fear of heights

4. Funny Australian – a jolly man who experienced descrimination in Australia; he has a fear of roaches (entomophobia)

5. Papalicious Chef –  a wealthy man who wants to conquer his fears

6. Promding Veterinarian – a man who did everything to fulfill his dream

7. Glam Goddess – a popular host and model; has fear of roaches and rodents

8. Hot Momma – a young mom; has fear of water (hydrophobia)

9. New Miss Body Beautiful – young head of the family; has fear of snakes (ophidiophobia)

10. Party Bombshell – the life of the party; has fear of water

11. Daredevil Chick – a woman who turned away from showbiz to finish studies; has fear of the unknown

12. Flawless of Dagat-Dagatan – a woman who belongs to a poor family; has fear of snakes.

Good luck to all contestants and Ryan Agoncillo himself! I wish I can see the Pinoy version of Fear Factor but I am wishing too much.

Source and photo credit: REYMA BUAN-DEVEZA


4 Responses to “Ryan Agoncillo To Host Pinoy Fear Factor”

  1. 1 jubilee August 3, 2008 at 5:41 am

    i am so lovin anything that deals with ryan. i am really looking forward to watch this show. however, us Samoans probably wont have the chance to watch it unless the show is shown international. anyways, looking forward to this show hosted by my favorite actor, RYAN A.

  2. 2 ry August 5, 2008 at 1:42 am

    any ideas when will the show premier on philippine tv?

  3. 3 ALL ABOUT ASIA August 5, 2008 at 1:51 am

    unfortunately there is no set date yet. i’ll keep you posted.

  4. 4 mikeriveraprod November 2, 2008 at 10:01 am

    november 10, 2008 according to wikipedia

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