Yes Dear, I am Eve.

Left guy: Did you see my mirror sweetie? Right guy: You sure need one hon.

Why would you pay bucks to transform into a woman? I don’t know I am already a woman, ask the Korean male performers especially the boy bands (e.g. SHINee), they prefer to look like one. There are also handful of Korean actors who would rather look like a miss than a mister e.g. Bae Yong Joon and Lee Jun Ki.

BYJ: I am prettier than you LJK: No, I’m way prettier than you

Shut up BYJ and LJK, we (SHINee) are the prettiest!

Well I guess the feminine look is a click in Korea. The fans seem to love the way their Ms. Mr. Idol looks.

By the way, the boy band SHINee were dressed up like high school girls for the Mnet’s School of Rock Summer Special held last July 24th.

Photo Credits: Newsen and Internet


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