Lazy Adobong Manok

I know, the above photo of adobong manok ( Filipino chicken adobo) does not look familiar especially to the eyes of a Filipino.

What makes it look weird? Well, I used boneless chicken breast instead of whole chicken (cut into serving sizes and bone-in). Also, I did not cook my adobong manok the traditional way, as what most [non-lazy] Filipinos would do. Traditional means I have to prepare the marinade from scratch and marinate the meat overnight. I cooked this tasty Filipino cuisine the Mama Sita way or in other words, the lazy way.  Why? Because with Mama Sita Adobo mix, 15 minutes is all you need to marinate the chicken or pork and approximately 20-25 minutes to wrap up this delicious national Filipino dish.

I was in the mood for adobong manok yesterday but I was not in the mood to wait for my chicken to marinate overnight nor prepare the marinade myself. Luckily, I have Mama Sita Adobo Mix in our pantry which I bought months ago at the Asian store. With the help of Mama Sita, I was able to prepare a sumptuous meal for me and my hubby.  However, my husband did tell me that he preferred the adobong manok prepared the traditional way. I couldn’t agree with him more. No offense Mama Sita, your adobo mix  was handy and flavorful but nothing compares to food prepared from scratch.

No, Mama Sita did not advertise on my blog. I decided to post this just in case you crave for adobong manok or baboy (pork) but too lazy to mess with garlic, vinegar, soy sauce, and stuff;  Mama Sita can save the day.

If you want to know the traditional and easy recipe for Filipino Chicken Adobo visit Recipe Zaar.


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