What Happened to Korean “Yo”?

Okay, aside from the unimpressive art work (if you call this art), this Lee Hyori‘s 3rd album poster made me wonder… what happened to the Korean values I admire? The values that I can relate to which they widely portray on every K-dramas I watched. Aren’t the Korean women  supposed to be reserved and not act like Britney-ish, Lindsay-ish, or Paris-ish?

Oh, she’s sexy alright but she didn’t have to pose naked in order to prove her “sexy-ness”. I guess Korean pop culture is riding the “sex sells trend” since most people in Korea (also in the world) download songs these days instead paying for the whole album. Thanks to file sharing P2P sites, polite and reserved Koreans resorted to this kind of “uncharacteristic-of-them” scheme in order to force consumers to dish out some dough to buy an album (if they will do it).

By the way, this image was supposed to be unveiled next month. Unfortunately, someone got a hold of it  and happily distributed it to the great world of internet.


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