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Out of This World Beef Stew

Yes, this is my beef stew. My husband calls my stew “Out of This World”. He said he tasted many beef stews in his life but none of them compares to mine. I didn’t even have the chance to snap a photo of my stew on a serving bowl because him and his friends immediately dug into my dish (with rice of course) and consumed the whole pot I fixed. Yeah, they left just enough for me to take to work (lunch).

I shouldn’t be calling this my beef stew since my late father was actually the one who originated the recipe. Oh no, he didn’t personally hand me down his recipe, I just remembered what he put in it. I did improvised his beef stew a little bit by adding some kick into it.

My husband actually tasted my late father’s dish before we left the country and he absolutely loved it. However, he admitted that he liked my stew better than my father’s.

For the recipe, I am having trouble writing it down because I didn’t really measure anything, I just eyeballed it. Well, I will finish it somehow.

If you are interested to learn the recipe just email me at

I promise I will email the recipe to you once I perfected completed it. ūüôā


Lazy Adobong Manok

I know, the above photo of adobong manok ( Filipino chicken adobo) does not look familiar especially to the eyes of a Filipino.

What makes it look weird? Well, I used boneless chicken breast instead of whole chicken (cut into serving sizes and bone-in). Also, I did not cook my adobong manok the traditional way, as what most [non-lazy] Filipinos would do. Traditional means I have to prepare the marinade from scratch and marinate the meat overnight. I cooked this tasty Filipino cuisine the Mama Sita way or in other words, the lazy way.  Why? Because with Mama Sita Adobo mix, 15 minutes is all you need to marinate the chicken or pork and approximately 20-25 minutes to wrap up this delicious national Filipino dish.

I was in the mood for adobong manok yesterday but I was not in the mood to wait for my chicken to marinate overnight nor prepare the marinade myself. Luckily, I have Mama Sita Adobo Mix in our pantry which I bought months ago at the Asian store. With the help of Mama Sita, I was able to prepare a sumptuous meal for me and my hubby.¬† However, my husband did tell me that he preferred the adobong manok prepared the traditional way. I couldn’t agree with him more. No offense Mama Sita, your adobo mix¬† was handy and flavorful but nothing compares to food prepared from scratch.

No, Mama Sita did not advertise on my blog. I decided to post this just in case you crave for adobong manok or baboy (pork) but too lazy to mess with garlic, vinegar, soy sauce, and stuff;  Mama Sita can save the day.

If you want to know the traditional and easy recipe for Filipino Chicken Adobo visit Recipe Zaar.

PacMan Made History!

Filipinos are celebrating despite the recent tragedy in the Philippines. Do you know why? Pacquiao won!

Manny Pacquiao beat David Diaz by TKO in the 9th round to grab the WBC Lightweight Champion title. He made boxing history and Filipinos proud-er.

Diaz had trouble keeping up with Pacquiao’s speed and lethal punches. Diaz admitted Pacquiao was tougher than he expected. (DUH!)¬† Diaz kissed the canvass plus his right eye was oozing with blood, not to mention the numerous cuts on his face. The 2 boxers’ once white trunks transformed into pink courtesy of Diaz blood.

Manny Pacquiao proved to be the best pound for pound boxer in the world and the rightful owner of 4 WBC World Championship Titles in 4 different weight divisions, a record in Asia.

Pacquiao dedicated his win to the victims of Typhoon Fengshen/Frank which recently hit the Philippines and claimed hundreds of lives. He also sent aid to the victims even before his fight.

Lubos akong naaawa sa mga biktima ng trahedya na dulot ng bagyong “Frank” at nagbigay na ako ng mga instructions sa aking staff sa Pilipinas na tumulong sa ano mang paraan upang makapagbigay ng kahit na panandaliang ginhawa at lunas sa mga pamilya ng mga sinalanta ng bagyo.

Alam kong iyong iba ay wala pang kuryente sa mga sandaling ito pero nais nilang mapanood ang aking laban. Ito lang po ang aking masasabi: Para sa inyong lahat ang laban na ito.


I am deeply sorry for the victims of catastrophe caused by Typhoon Frank. I have already given instructions to my staff in the Philippines to help in any way they can in order to provide immediate relief to the families who were struck by typhoon.

I know some of you have no power at this moment but wished to watch my fight. This is my message to you: This fight is for all of you.

Regardless of the pain that Filipinos went through, Pacquiao managed to bring joy, smile, and sense of pride to the mourning Filipinos. No wonder he was considered as a Philippine hero.

Way to go PACMAN!

Photo Credits: Associated Press, HBO PPV, and  ESPN

Tonight is Boxing Night

A few hours from now, Lethal Combination main event Pacquiao vs.Diaz showdown will kickoff tonight at 8:30 PM ET  on HBO Pay Per View ($49.95). Filipinos all over the world, who can afford the price,  will be tuning in to their television and watch Filipino Boxing Legend to beat up or to be beaten up. Hopefully it will not be the latter.

GMA7 will air the fight¬†in the Philippines on Sunday morning at 8:30 AM (delayed telecast). Yes, it’s FREE TV down there. People have to get up early and finish up their morning chores earlier than usual to watch the Philippine Boxing Hero make history.

Good Luck PACMAN!



Photo Source: LA Times

Gruesome Addiction to Beauty Injection

Her name is Han Mi Ok, a Korean celebrity who became known as “Fan Lady” after her disastrous cosmetic surgery. She underwent 15 reconstructive surgery to overhaul her “I-don’t-think-it-can-be-fix” plastic surgery damage. She apparently became obsessed addicted to plastic surgery and couldn’t get enough of the “faux-fect face” ( I made the word up) so she went to quacks just to indulge herself. She even personally performed a facial injection at home. The result…. well you can see it.

She used to look like this before the cosmetic surgery disaster:

And this is how she looks now after the overhaul:

On the photos above, Han Mi Ok was at the shooting of of 500th episode of Shocking Stories of the World.

I admire her courage to display her damaged face in public and let people see how ungodly  it is to distort ones appearance. I am not totally against plastic surgery but I am also not for it.

She should serve as a lesson to anyone who dreamed of having a “faux-fect face”. Think twice before you get cut up and think thrice before you inject yourself with human byproducts.

Charice Exonerated Sam and Her Kapamilya from ASAP Mishap

When Charice “had” to sing with 3 low grade singers last¬† June 15 ASAP episode where she sang off key, the young diva was bashed with negative comments on TV, radio, and internet. She faced the critics alone and none of her Kapamilya came out¬†to explain what happened nor apologized in any¬† way. It was all Charice.

On a recent exclusive interview with Charice by, Charice declined the idea that there was any  sabotage involved nor blamed Sam (Concepcio) for the mishap.

“Kasi ganito po ‘yon, last minute nilang sinabi sa akin na bumaba daw ‘yung key noong song. Ang sinend nila sa aking song parang pang-female version. So mataas ‘yon siyempre. So ‘yon ang pinag-aralan ko pagdating ng dressing room doon ko na nakita na nandoon sila ni Sam. Ang sinend nila sa akin (via e-mail na lyrics) na kaming tatlo lang nila Ate (Nikki Gil) and kuya (Billy Crawford).

She added: “Pagdating ko sa backstage sinabi sa amin na binabaan ang key. So nagulat ako, tapos parang wala, kasi natataranta sila so pinarinig lang sa akin through cellphone sa ingay hindi ko namin marinig ng maayos, kaya paglabas ko ‘yon ang nangyari. At sinabi nila na apat na beses na binago-bago hanggang dumating si Sam, inakma nila sa tono ni Sam.”

Translation by ALL ABOUT ASIA:

“What happened was, they(ASAP) told me at the last minute that they would lower the key of the song (Win). The arrangement they sent me was a female version of the song, so it was on the higher key. I rehearsed on what they provided me with. When I arrived at the dressing room, I¬†saw Sam was there too. On the email they sent me, it stated that I will only sing with Nikki Gil and Billy Crawford.”

“When I arrived backstage, they told us that they lowered the key. So, I was surprised, everyone was in panic. They let me¬†listen to the¬†(changed) song via cellphone but I couldn’t really hear it very well due to noise, so when I went out (to the stage) that was the result. They also said that they had to change the song four times until Sam arrived,¬† they harmonized it to Sam’s tune.”

“Wala akong sinisisi, ang sinabi ko ay inakma nila kay Sam. Hindi ko sinabi na si Sam ang may kasalanan o sinuman ang may kasalanan basta ang sa akin ay hindi nila ako in-update. Pero in-accept naman nila na binago nila ang song at ang lyrics.”

Translation by ALL ABOUT ASIA:

“I did not blame anyone, I only said that they harmonized it to Sam’s tune. I did not say that Sam was at fault nor anyone’s at fault. As for me, I was not updated. They (ASAP) admitted that they changed the song and lyrics.”

If you want to read the whole Charice interview by, click HERE

Charice also admitted that she did cry at the backstage after the performance. She was worried about what would Ellen, Oprah, America, and other countries’s¬†reactions if they saw her ASAP miscued performance in Youtube.¬† ASAP did try to make it up¬†to her by letting her sing “I Have Nothing” … ALONE!

Charice expressed no hard feelings¬†towards anyone¬†nor blame anybody¬†over the ASAP mishap. She thanked her loyal fans for¬†the support¬†and she¬†also thanked her¬†detractors¬†for messing with¬†her. She said, her detractors helped her gain more attention and exposure while her fans proved their loyalty to her. She considers her fans as¬†her friends because they are always there to defend¬†her¬†when someone tries to¬†attack her. ( I should have¬†wrote “we” are always there to defend her)

After careful consideration, I have come up with few realizations. Below are as follows:

1. ASAP and ABS-CBN prioritize their Little Big Star Winner over their 3rd runner up, who brought pride and attention to Philippines. Their LBS winner only sang on an animation soundtrack that did not even make it to  America and they value him more than her.

2. Charice’s loyalty to ABS-CBN is undisputable. She should be given an award¬† for not turning her back on her Kapamilya, unlike what they did to her.

3. Charice is¬†forgiving. It’s no surprise to me. I know Charice is not only a darn good¬†talent but an admirable¬†human being.

4. Charice is a sweetheart. There is no room for grudge in her heart but only for love and kindness. What happened to her in ASAP was humiliation and yet she came out and say it was not their fault but a mere miscommuniaction.

5. I am Charice‘s friend.¬† Are you?

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Photo courtesy of: Vince Lopez Photography for Charice Diva

Ms. Philippines’ Sash “Typo” Corrected

I really thought Jennifer Barrientos wore that misspelled Philippines (PHILLIPINES) sash only once at their dinner party on my previous entry but nah! She even wore it on the picture above. It took the Miss Universe organizers three days to correct the error (so that explains it). The Miss Universe organizers admitted fault and rectified the situation instantly (3 days is instant, whatever!) and further explained that this was not the first time that it happened. They have misspelled other countries’ name on official pageant¬† sashes in the past causing an “ill feeling” for some.

Then you need to hire a new sash maker!

From now until the night of Miss Universe Pageant (July 13), Jennifer Barrientos should be wearing the corrected sash. Yeepee!?

Go Miss Philippines! Go Asian candidates! I am rooting for ya’ll!

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Source: ABS-CBN Beta

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