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Arnel Pineda of Journey Performed On Ellen Show

Youtube has been the bridge for Filipino artists to step foot on American music industry and be recognized internationally. First, it was Charice (Pempengco) whom Ellen Degeneres saw on Youtube performing the ever famous “I am Telling You I Am Not Going” on Star King (South Korean Show). Ellen was the one who first invited Charice to come to America and to come to her show. Ellen was the one who discovered Charice and not Oprah.

After Charice, Ellen somehow got interested in Filipino talents and saw Arnel Pineda on Youtube performing Journey songs with his band called Zoo in Manila clubs (March 2008). Ellen then informed her audience that Arnel Pineda was already the official Journey lead singer and was currenlty recording songs with the band at that time. She wanted Pineda and the entire Journey band to come to her show.

Before Ellen stumbled upon Arnel Pineda, Neal Schon of Journey saw him first on Youtube and immediately contacted Noel Gomez via email, Pineda’s friend who uploaded his videos, to audition for Journey. At first Pineda thought it was a hoax but somehow his friend was able to convinced him and he finally replied to Schon‘s email. On August 12, 2007, Arnel Pineda found himself auditioning for the Journey front man job in San Francisco and was officially announced as the lead singer for Journey on December 5, 2007.

Two days ago, Arnel Pineda and his band, Journey, gave Ellen a visit. As expected, the Filipino singer was phenomenal. The band performed two songs: Separate Ways and Faithfully. Below are the videos of the performances.

I’ve heard of Journey songs before but I am not familiar with the band. When I first heard Arnel Pineda sang a Journey song, I thought he really sounded like Steve Perry, former lead singer of the band. Now when I saw and heard him sing on Ellen Show, I can confirm that he did sound like Steve Perry. He was really good!

Nice job Journey! Great job Arnel!


Charice- Wowed Josh Groban & Las Vegas!

Oh my God! Charice is unstoppable! She just never fails to impress anyone, anywhere in the world. Josh Groban was so impressed with her on her performance at the Mandalay Bay Resort in Las Vegas during the David Foster and Friends Concert on May 23, 2008.

I had the great pleasure of a… being able to stand on the side of the stage when she was performing. She’s got an instrument that am, you know if she takes… if she continues to develop it and take care of it. It’s just one of the… really one of the most beautiful voices I’ve heard in a very long time” (Josh Groban).

It was not only Josh Groban who was swept by Charice‘s jaw dropping, hair standing, exceptional, powerful performance; 10,000 people gave her standing ovations, twice!

All I can say was “Oh My Goodness!” Lord have mercy, all the hairs in my body also gave her a standing ovation (yeah, except that part)… Charice, you are…. oh! You are beyond words. Everytime I see her sing, she surpasses her every performance in the past. So far, that night was her best rendition ever  of “I am Telling You I’m Not Going“… Oh gosh people, you should see it! David Foster couldn’t help himself saying “A star is born tonight!”

Just read the  review of Jason Bracelin of Las Vegas Review Journal about the concert:

Below is the summary of the David Foster and Friends Concert and how Charice swept everyone on their feet (in Tagalog):

Below is the hidden camera version of Charice performance on the show (Part 1):

Below is the hidden camera version of Charice performance on the show (Part 2):

I have no words to describe this young diva. She totally possessed me. I hope Whitney Houston saw her performance that night. I hope one day she will get to meet her. I know it will mean a lot to her. I also hope that she will have her own song recorded in USA soon.

Go Charice!

Rain and Sam Have Something In Common

Yes folks, the Korean Superstar Rain and the Little Big Star winner Sam Concepcion (Filipino) were chosen by Dreamworks to sing the soundtrack of the animated film  Kung Fu Panda entitled Kung Fu Fighting“. Their versions will be featured in the Asian soundtrack album of the said film.

I don’t know if this is something to jump up and down about because their versions will not be featured in US theatrical release of the said movie.  This is just Dreamworks’ marketing scheme to attract more Asian viewers and cashing in more dough.

Cee-Lo Green’s Kung Fu Fighting” version is the official soundtrack of  Kung Fun Panda.

Below is  Rain’s version of Kung Fu Fighting

Here is the version of Sam Concepcion

I am not particularly crazy with their renditions but needless to say, I am happy for both of them.

The song was originally sang by Carl Douglas in 1974.

My First “Yummy”Mandu (Korean Dumpling)

 I finally made my first Mandu (Korean dumpling), yepeeee!

Oh hush! I know I suck at it. I don’t know how to wrap nor cook them well. The first batch I made were burnt to a crisp and the second batch were undercooked. The rest, I thought I did cook them pretty well. They tasted good although I did not have the Asian chives as what the recipe called for.

I saw a Food Network show called  “Throwdown with Bobby Flay” last Saturday where they featured Kim Sohui (chef and co-owner of The Good Fork Restaurant in Red Hook, NY). Flay and Kim had a dumpling throwdown and Kim Sohui won. I was more interested on Kim Sohui’s recipe than Bobby Flay’s so I tried my best to scribble down the Korean-American chef’s recipe. However, I couldn’t jot down everything she said so my information was incomplete. I went to Food Network website to see if the video of that episode was available but it wasn’t.

The recipe I used to fix these delicious mandu was from Maangchi with some of Kim Sohui’s touch on it. I am still not giving up in finding the Kim Sohui’s Mandu recipe. Hopefully the video (dumpling throwdown) will be available in Food Network website this week.


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Charice Stirred America & the World!

The 15 year old Filipino diva, Charice Pempengco, is on fire. Countless of people uploaded her Oprah guesting in Youtube (I am one of those people) racking up millions of hits in just one day (My Charice video only managed to get less than 8,000 hits in 3 days).

Yesterday, I went to Oprah‘s site and checked out her message board in reference to the “The World’s Most Talented Kids/ Smartest Kids” episode. I just want to see how people reacted on the Oprah’s Monday show.  I was curious what people think/thought of the young diva. Yup! I was only interested on Charice, not on the other  amazing kids. When I took a peek at the Oprah Message Board yesterday, there were 119 messages/replies and the majority of them were for Charice.  This girl left a really good impression on everyone. Girl, you rock!

Not a while ago, I went back and checked the message board again and there were 133 comments. If you want to see it for yourself just click the  Oprah Message Board.

Anyway below are some of my favorite comments:

The rest of the comments, I just placed them in a video and uploaded it in Youtube. You’ll see it below.

Charice continues to astound me and I’m sure the rest of the world are swept by her, too. I can’t wait to see her succeed in the United States.

Best of luck to you!

You Go Girl!

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Maangchi- My Favorite Korean Cook

Everytime  I crave for a Korean dish, I turn to Maangchi’s video. She makes cooking look so easy and her dishes look soo yummy! 

Maangchi has a very friendly personality and she shows a lot of enthusiasm in cooking. When you watch her cooking video, you feel like she is really talking to you and just you. She has that kind of effect on me, I don’t know about the other thousands of her Youtube subscribers.

I like her latest featured dish , Mandu, which is shown on top. I would like to fix it sometime this week. I have half of the ingredients that were listed on Maangchi’s site. I still have to look for the mandu skins, the fish sauce, and the Asian chives. I spent about an hour the other day at Lowe’s Foods (grocery store) looking for chives but to no avail. I guess I will have to go to Asian store sometime this week and hopefully it will be there and the rest of the ingredients.

Below are my other favorite Korean dishes prepared by Maangchi:







If you want to check out the rest of Maangchi’s videos, just go to her Youtube profile Maangchi or you can visit her personal website: Maangchi’s Official Website

By the way, maangchi means hammer.

To: Maangchi

        If you happen to visit my blog, I would like to say “Chong mal kamsahamnida!”


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RAIN- **Abs-olutely Nice**

I haven’t seen Rain to be this sexy. He always has that feminine appeal to me eversince I saw him in Full House. Okay, I might be wrong. He was somewhat masculine in A Love To Kill, but not this masculine. Wow! What an eye candy! Or should I call his abs Vitamin A (good for the eyes).

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